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What is a Variable Star?

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Algol was the earliest documented variable star, noted by the Egyptians who assigned lucky and unlucky days based on it's change in brightness.

One of the projects I've chosen to flesh-out this year is updated understandings of the fixed stars for our modern times, especially stars that are over hyped as either terrifying or some kind of beacon of goodness. All stars are dimensional with several possibilities.

This spans from natal chart delineations to magical implications. I'll especially emphasize their creative, healing, apprenticeship possibilities because it is desperately needed in these times of uncertainty.

I want to empower nuanced, healthy relationships to the fixed stars.

After my last couple of posts, many have asked: What is a variable star?

Variable stars are stars whose apparent magnitude (brightness) from our perspective here on Earth fluctuates on a cyclical basis.

(The higher magnitude a star is, the smaller the number it is assigned. 1st Magnitude = visibly the brightest. 4th Magnitude = visibly the dimmest. Anything below that is practically invisible to the naked human eye in an urban setting.)

This can be caused by...

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