“Nature is a muse that will neither bow to an agenda nor be controlled by our schedules... Creativity resists being boxed up.”  -Elizabeth Mowry

The Sun in Pisces separating from a conjunction with shaman swan star Deneb Adige, inviting us to open to primal creative and emotional urges.

Deneb Adige May have emerged from the Hindu myths of Krishna becoming a swan knight by putting on a shamanic cloak of swan feathers, and then joined with Lady to give birth to the sacred Cosmic World Egg.

Later this seems to have been syncretized by the Greeks, as Zeus falls in love with Leda, and so becomes a swan to seduce her; later she gives birth to the twins of Gemini, Castor and Pollux.

In some version of the myth of Leda and the Swan, after she gives birth to the twins Leda is deified as Nemesis, “The Power which distributes what is due”.

Swans were sacred to both Aphrodite and Apollo. Aphrodite’s chariot is pulled by swans. Apollo’s chariot is also pulled by swans, but only at night—signifying that they were considered shamanic.

The Egyptians believed that Deneb Adige was the end of the birth canal for their night sky goddess, Nut. And at the end of the Winter Solstice, the Sun God Ra would emerge from this womb opening to be reborn for the year ahead.

The Greeks believed that swans had the ability to prophesy and announce death. Many ancient astrologers said that Deneb Adige in a natal chart would gift the native with a silver tongue, gifted in words, languages, poetry, singing, or even teaching birds to speak.

The swan was considered to have therapeutic powers of both the Sun and the waters, a symbol of purification and a traveler between worlds of light and dark. It was an essential mystic symbol, as along with the harp (Vega) the swan (Deneb Adige) was a symbol of death. The Celts believed swans were the manifested earthly forms of supernatural beings.

It teaches spirituality is a hands-on and creative practice. Dance, write, paint, bird watch. Become drunk with love and sink into participating to the depths of life, as the only way out is through 💜 🦢