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The Star Dirt is Calling

2 min

Sometimes starting a plant from seed is just not in the cards! It can be intimidating or inaccessible. Sometimes seeds don't take or we just have the wrong conditions.

There's nothing more intimate than starting a plant from seed and watching every stage of its growth.

It truly feels so magical to pat a little tiny seed into dark soil and watch it slowly emerge as a green one. It truly gives perspective to the story of Demeter-Persephone-Hades, and how from the dark underworld we find fecundity to empower our growth--and how true it is for every living being in our precious home.

You see the journey of the Sun descending from 8th house to 7th, eventually traversing into the 4th where the story of Persephone's emergence from the Home of Hades (4h) is eminent when the Sun hits the House of Gaia/Demeter (3h) and eventually pushes back over the horizon to rise renewed again.

But sometimes starting a plant from seed is just not in the cards!

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