Today the Sun entered the dreamy emotional ocean of Pisces, in a sign-based sextile to the Moon. While tension continues between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, the Sun & Moon are working together to help us envision hope through what feels like a stagnating dirge of tension and chaos.

In the few moments of today’s sunshine I went for a walk, finding pockets of wild snowdrops growing in my sleepy Irish town. What a beautiful symbol of radical, rebellious hope.

Our town has been ravaged by unusually harsh storms, and it snowed only a few days ago as a Polar Vortex passed through.

And yet these snow drops remain resilient, nearly unharmed. Though their stems are stiff (Saturn in fixed Aquarius), their little bell-like flowers are flexible and responsive (the Sun in Pisces).

Stand tall in your convictions, but flexible in how you implement them in your life. Being more attached to the vision rather than the people who its supposed to help is short-sighted.

The human and more-than-human world alike is waiting for your brilliant breakthrough, and it works best when pursued through consensus and connection.

Without the rocky soil that snowdrops are rooted within, they would be carried off by high winds, and drowned by deep rain. Their little bells teach us that character often emerges from challenge... and they don’t grow alone. Snowdrops grow in clusters of flowers, rejoicing together as they dance in the storm.

Who will you dance with to weather the frustrations of the moment? How can you step into radical, rebellious hope?