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The Necessity of Bravery in Our Creative Lives

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We must have courage to walk alongside fear in our creative quests.

On Sun's day, let us shine a light on the necessity of courage in living creatively.

The Sun God, Apollo, is the God of the Arts and Healing.

The Sun is the purest form of our soul in self expression, associated with bravery, conviction, and our direct connection to divinity itself--resulting in the divinatory arts. Inextricably intertwined.

We must be brave enough to be guided by our creative impulse, and act on our convictions. Creativity is a deep connected relationship to divinity itself, which we desperately crave. Daring to shine is key to our health, vitality, and spiritual wholeness.

Yet, many who are aware of the insistent siren call of creativity become what Julia Cameron calls "shadow artists."

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