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The Multidimensionality of More-Than-Human Beings: #Locii21 Day 3

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This is the reality of sentient nature: its multidimensional and complex. It's not always warm and cuddly. Often the most aggressive attributes are amplified by disrespect and displacement.

Welcome to Venus's Day 💜

#Locii21 Day 3, August 20 2021

Guards stood at the gates. The gates of the community glass recycling bin.

Did I know this? No I did not. I assumed, as I shoved a glass bottle into the entrance, that things would go as planned--I'd throw glass into the container, and be on my merry way.

When a swarm of angry wasps flew out, I froze. One sting would send me to the hospital, and more than one could threaten my life.

This happens from time to time in our engagement with the land. We become a bit mindless and cross boundaries we are not even aware of.

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