The square between Mars in Taurus and the pile-up in Aquarius can feel much like an iced-over pond. On the surface it appears still, but underneath there is a thaw and rushing waters.

This time of year seeds begin to awaken, and the glacial pace of cold is necessary.

Countless plants depend on stratification, as the cold melts away protective coatings from the outside of seeds. It’s a slow and invisible process. So to is this tension between air and earth.

Hone you’re ideals into a fine crafted blade that cuts through hubris and doubt. The more deeply considered our ideas are, the easier it is to create them in tangible, terrestrial reality. Constraints lead to creativity. Frustration begets breakthroughs.

The Moon carousing through deep-dwelling Scorpio highlights growing pains and fears, but also helps us to develop grit, discernment, and patience.

If we can hold our tension, great growth will break out like a torrent of freed water from the ice. Just a couple more weeks ✨💜 you got this.