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The Gift of Saturn in Aquarius: The Contrarian Perspective that Leads to Freedom

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Saturn in Aquarius questions what is centered and popular and tends to act as an outsider watching carefully and critically.

Welcome to Saturn’s day. One of the gifts of Saturn in Aquarius happens to be its inherent contrariness. That it questions what is centered and popular and tends to act as an outsider watching carefully and critically. While this can be lonely, it can be instrumental to freeing yourself from the shallow constraints of a culture that constantly tries to convince you that you as you are right now is not enough.

The Western media culture in itself is a constant malefic attack against your spirit. As Brené Brown found in her research on perfectionism and shame:

“It’s in our biology to trust what we see with our eyes. This makes living in a carefully edited, overproduced, and Photoshopped world very dangerous… When we allow ourselves to become culturally conditioned to believe we are not enough, it damages our soul.”– Brené Brown

How often do you find yourself scrolling endlessly and thinking about what you don’t have, or what you must do/become? None of us are immune to this, and as time goes on this culture of comparison consumes more and more of our attention.

Worse still, is that this feeds a vicious cycle. We compare ourselves endlessly to other lives, people, occupations… It makes us feel unbearably vulnerable… So we begin to numb our emotions. Ever increasing scrolling, shopping, working, substance use, emotional eating, constantly staying busy, etc.

Saturn in Aquarius is also about psychic (thought/air) boundaries, and differentiating between what is genuinely yours and what is someone/something else in the mind. The mental constructs that drive our lives should always be intentionally designed, rather than accidentally acquired. Modern media culture is purposefully working to mold you into a habitual set of behaviors (comparison, numbing, consumption), driven by emotional manipulation.

There is no such thing as selective emotional numbing. If you numb one emotion, you numb them all.

This is dangerous because when you need to draw from your inner wells to get through a genuinely tough time, you cannot access joy, hope, or tenacity. Everything is numbed out, including the emotions necessary to help you through rough periods of life, and the good ones that make nice experiences memorable.

The only way out, is through. You need to completely lean into, embrace, and experience emotions in their fullness, good, bad, and ugly, in order to move past the comparison-driven shame that traps you in a loop. But if you’re addicted to numbing (and most of us are, somewhere in our lives), you get trapped in a loop that prevents you from leaning into both the uncomfortable and the wonderful emotions. You rob yourself of the good emotional experiences when you try to avoid how you feel during challenging experiences.

Damien and I address this in our Protective Magic Workshop (priced affordably and available for you to stream on your own time), helping you to not only fully lean into the emotions that have emerged in troublesome situations, but also in our daily media-soaked lives. We give you the tools to fully embrace and experience these emotions, and then neutralize them so that they stop running the show.

This is a process we’ve shared in our past Candle Magic and Living Enchantment classes, and students have reported that use this technique to reach greater states of clarity, peace (many report deep rest and an easier time sleeping), and the ability to experience the good things in life with greater depth and meaning.

We also give you the tools to then reach coherence between your Mental, Astral, and Emotional Bodies, which helps you build greater resilience against a culture hellbent on making you feel incomplete so that you helplessly consume.

Not only does this fortify your Spiritual Immune System, but it also prevents you from being one of the unintentional malefic attacks to the people in your life.

When you’re in a state of emotional health and coherence between your Mental, Astral, and Emotional bodies, the jealousy bug has a harder time living rent free inside of you. It’s also easier to healthily express your emotions and focus on what brings you closer to the people in your life, rather than what drives you apart.

It is our goal to help you free yourself for your most vibrant, safe, and sovereign life.

It is our vision that if more people were to take on such a vital spiritual protocol, there would be far less magical and psychic malefica being thrown around in our community. (Not to mention everyone’s magic would improve in efficacy.)

In honor of Saturn, we wrote this workshop in our rare spare time, and then priced it for accessibility. You can grab it here:


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