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The Dance of Reciprocity

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If you seek to understand the language of the land, the green ones, the common ancestral heritage of becoming nutritive compost from which others grow... It's vital to learn the dance of the terrestrial and the celestial.

"Reciprocity is a dance like life itself. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the wounds we carry, and the love we share are all given and received. . ." - Melina Bondy

The land is an amalgam of relationships. Sun and phyto-organisms. Water and soil, accumulation and dispersion. Animal and vegetal souls playing an intricate dance of enticing, consuming, spreading of seed, moss on nurse logs, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Ancestral bones turned into nutritive compost filled with millions of microorganisms. Aphid and ladybird. Butterfly and bee and flowers that sing a siren song of light and color pollinators cannot resist. Trees emitting signals to mycorrhizal networks. Human and more-than-human dancing in the liminal in-between of the seen and unseen. A complex web, where each part is as vital as the next.

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