The way I guide my clients and students is by identifying paths of the most preferable VIABLE outcomes. I try to reduce attunement experiences that are unpleasant (and often unnecessary). I try to help people weather through challenges, and make the most out of opportunities.

It's not about demonizing certain planets/stars/transits, but actually accepting their fundamental natures and doing our best to respond to those natures.

This is the core of animistic astrology: recognizing the reality of a celestial entity and learning how to dance with it.

It's also about respecting the bandwidth of the human-animal vessel you inhabit. Willfully choosing to do something the harder way is not usually necessary or even preferable, and ignores the very real limits we have as a body, a mind, a spirit.

This is not to say that my clients/students never encounter hardship. Quite the contrary. But it's a lot more manageable when they know who they're working with and how to work with them, balance that energy out for mitigation, or both.

All celestial beings have nuances and change based on CONTEXT. It's not as simple as "this planet/star is bad".

Sharks are not inherently "bad" , but I'm not jumping into a shiver (group) with a cut, to test my resilience 🤷🏻‍♀️

I respect the nature of who they are and  MY OWN LIMITS.

Why would we approach our relationship with other beings with a "tough guy" chip on our shoulders? Does that somehow make us better? Does it improve that relationship?

So this is the approach I take with my clients and students: the path of least resistance is a gift to us, so let's identify and make the most of this quality of time and the fiery, twinkling celestial orchestra who is waiting for us to respond. What a dance, what a dance ✨

Sometimes it only improves that experience a little bit, but I'll take any improvement I can get. More importantly, it's within the integrity of being in right relationship, which over time always improves the quality of anything we experience... Even if that experience hard.