Happy Venus in Pisces ingress 💜

Venus is exalted in the expansive, creative, connective, alchemical emotional ocean of Pisces. We see this at work in the land around us, as colorful wildflowers begin to shyly peak out from cold waterlogged soil.

Enjoy a little Irish walk and think about how you can find an alchemical transference from stagnation to rebellious hope and joy. Saturate yourself in flowers, fresh greens, the deep contrast and saturation of the in-between of winter and spring 💜

The air was crisp and chilly, the sun played hide-and-seek behind gorgeous cumulus clouds. Even little wisps of mist and fog were still rolling over the bog and through the woods. The local children have been leaving fairy houses and painted ladybird rocks throughout the trail, sprinkling that famous Pisces whimsy through the forest walk.

Even the local land spirits couldn’t help but show their beautiful feral faces amongst the spring vermilion and blue-tinted air.

My boyfriend and I were closely followed by chatty robins, but they simply would not hold still long enough to be photographed!