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Summer Solstice and Beginning of Cancer Season, 2022

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Looking to the constellation and stars of Cancer that informed the quality of the Zodiac sign, as the Sun moves into Tropical Zodiacal Cancer and the Summer Solstice occurs.

Happy Summer Solstice and beginning of Cancer Season!

While the constellation of Cancer has moved due to precession (the very subtle and slow change of the stars movement, from our perspective on Earth), the mythology assigned to the constellation absolutely informs the qualities of the Zodiacal sign.

This is the time period of the Sun's highest elevation in reference to the Celestial Equator (which causes this to be the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere). As such, the ancients believed this to be the "Gate of Men/Life" from which souls would descend from heaven to Earth.

The Ancient Egyptians believed Acubens, the brightest star of the Cancer constellation, was the sacred Scarab who guarded the Gate of Life. Why was this? Because little jewel-like Scarabs are dung beetles who turned refuse into fertile soil. As such, Scarabs were used in iconography as symbols of resurrection and the cycle of life.

The constellation of Cancer is dim, none of the stars are higher than 4th Magnitude (which is just barely visible to the naked human eye in an urban location).

Weirdly, this is also true of the constellation exactly opposite--Capricorn--which was considered the Gate of Death where souls would go to the ancestral realms and Underworld.

Both creatures were believed to be shore-dwellers. Which is to say that life comes from the primordial deep, and it also returns to the primordial deep.

In Greek myth, Juno (Hera) rewards the giant crab who attacks Hercules in an attempt to assist fellow creature of the deep, Hydra. She was impressed with the crab's loyalty, bravery, and tenacity and memorialized it in the heavens.

I think those are attributes we do not give Cancers enough credit for!

Cancer is the domicile, or natural home, of the Moon. The Moon mirrors the symbology in Cancer, said to be the Divine Mediatrix who governs all growth and decay on Earth, transmitting the light and will of the other planets and stars...

Much like the primordial womb giving birth to the souls who inhabit our beautiful green planet.

I've written about Cancer before!

I wish you a happy Summer Solstice!!!



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