Today the Summer Solstice occurs, and tomorrow we begin Cancer season. We see the gentle growth of Spring overcome by the heat of Summer. The ephemerality of spring blossoms wilt to give way to their pregnant gestation of seeds.

The Moon will be in Scorpio in Arabic Lunar Mansion Al-Qalb during the Sun's ingress into Cancer tomorrow, and then it will just be leaving its first quarter phase and inching towards its gibbous waxing phase, before becoming fully illuminated in Capricorn.

Under the full illumination of the Summer Solstice Sun, the longest day of the year, and the next day the Moon is in a Lunar Mansion known for exposing corruption and enemies, we are given insights into the true nature of the people and situations in our lives. What is not true, is not just, will be melted by the refiner's heat.

This is a good day to tend to your land and  especially to plant trees and herbs, make offerings to your spirit of place, take a purifying bath and then bask in the Sun. The Moon applies to ecliptically conjoin fixed star Acrux, an ecclesiastical star seen in the charts of faith healers who suffered the wounds of those whom they healed (see Padre Pio) and then it moves onto the star of friendship and honors, Alphecca.

Be cautious in your response to any offense you suffer. With the Moon and Mars in a mixed reception and square one another by sign, you may find your reaction will create outcomes counter to your desires. The Moon is also in partial reception to the Sun and in a sign-based trine, showing the potential for raw-nerve emotions, all the more prideful due to the Sun's partial reception with an averse Mars.

Sit with your quarrels. Enemies have a habit of falling on their own swords. Cycle that energy into deep studies, creative projects that offer healthy expression to your emotions, deepening the ties you already have to friends and loved ones, and tending to our precious earth whom needs all of our care and defense of her at this time 💜