On this Sun's day, I hope you enjoy the most gorgeous art museum: your Earth Mother, your terrestrial home.

The changing of the seasons yields powerful sculptures, sharply contrasting and complimentary colors that vibrate against each other like the quickening heartbeat of the planet who is directing a sympathy of color and the dance of unpredictable Dionysian weather.

May your soul quicken to the wonders that abound around you, right here, right now. May you celebrate it, participate in it, record it, share it with enthusiasm and awe. May you commune with the ecstatic feast of scattering seeds, colorful leaves, rich loamy soil, and the sharp coolness of autumn rain.

And may you know that you too also come from the chaos soup of the cosmos that somehow divinely syncopates these wondrous cycles of life giving death and death chasing life. One continuous spectrum that spirals through space and time, sitting in your bones and rippling every single time you brush a loose eyelash from your cheek.

You're just as much part of this cycle as any other more-than-human on this planet. And you're a work of art too--messy, living, beautiful art.