New messengers of the chthonic, the watery, the hedgeways, the deep forest, the bog, the rich Earth Earth Earth. This year's local frog spawn is overflowing more than I've seen in previous years. Soon little visitors will enchant my Summer 💜

When things feel hopeless, struggled, doomed, challenging, it is imperative we seek out the abundance and wonder of life.

The land is waiting for our loving and attentive gaze, our hands tangled in her weedy wilds, our surprised wonder at her resilience and fertility. That when she mourns, she creates as a channel for both the sorrow and her hopes

The birds still sing. The dandelion still exuberantly unfolds. The delicate snowbell hangs in the caress of the wind. The frogs spawn in roiling passion.

The Earth undulates with her passion for life, her compassion for death. She embraces all of life's seasons.

Earth's waiting for you, a knot in your throat, the flip-flop in your belly, to walk and seek her out.

Pick reeds and weave.

Run your fingers through lichen and moss.

Wiggle your toes in mud and grass.

Use the energy of uncertainty to connect & create talismans of hope.