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Saturnian Wisdom: Praxis Creates Deeper Connection

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Today’s whispering from Saturnian perennial beauties: praxis creates deeper connection.

Today’s whispering from Saturnian perennial beauties:

Praxis creates deeper connection.

Praxis is repetitive action; the spiritual value of the things we do is in how we do them.

Praxis is slow and steady, sometimes taking years (or lifetimes) to master. The journey has value as much as the destination. Marry the journey. Process is craft.

Praxis is an investment and commitment. Connection is more than desire. It’s acting to make that desire tangible, despite less than perfect circumstances. The flaws make the pottery unique, beautiful. The petals are more stunning when they’ve survived a storm. We don’t give up when things are hard, we go deeper.

Intentional repeated action naturally deepens connection. You begin to see the beauty in each season of soil. Each new iteration of bloom. Each stalk laying dormant and waiting for conditions to be favorable *enough*. The intentional attention is critical.

Praxis is living devotion. Not just in word, but in the doing.

These babies are seeding the next generation, despite less than perfect conditions and an ecology in a state of profound flux. They still show up. And so can we.

Through Saturn’s discipline and devotion, Venus blooms. Desires become manifest. Action yields beauty and pleasure.

Keep going. Be the bloom showing up to the party as you are, in every condition.


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