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Saturn Return: A Retrospect

15 min

Part personal story, part technical instructions for reading your Saturn Return.

The time has finally come to speak of that which we often experience in silence. The First Saturn Return.

Part of this will be my story & personal perceptions. The other part will give you some ideas on technically reading your Saturn Return. I’m not going lie, this feels scarily vulnerable to me, but I hope that it’s helpful to those about to enter their Saturn Return.

First, what is a Saturn Return?

This is a time-period in your life where transiting Saturn (the one in our skies presently) returns to the  same sign and location of your natal (birth chart) Saturn.

Okay but what does this mean in a more tangible sense?

Saturn is the planet of isolation, responsibilities, boundaries, commitments, discipline, austerity, long-term structures and legacy.

I like to think of our 20s as the playground in which we are learning how to become an adult. Your Saturn Return is the full initiation into adulthood. You could say it’s like a reckoning, in a sense. If you haven’t found your path in life (many of us don’t), you’ll become keenly aware of it.

If you have not become somewhat adept at Saturnian themes, you will be learning in a very direct, and sometimes harsh manner. If you HAVE fully embraced the Saturnian themes in your life, Saturn rewards you… with more responsibility, typically.

It’s like getting your credit card upgraded from gold level to platinum. There are a ton of benefits, but the necessity of remaining responsible and diligent also increases. The margin for error gets much narrower.

How this plays out in your life will depend entirely on your chart and several factors. Let’s explore a few of them.

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