Do you feel the Moon finally moving into Gemini and separating from a severely anaretic Mars in Taurus?

This weekend should feel like a breath of fresh air. We've been sitting in an ever-tensing t-square between Saturn in Aquarius, Mars in Taurus, and the Sun in Leo. The Moon crosses over into Gemini to herald Mars, who will finally leave Taurus and enter Gemini tomorrow.

Over the last three weeks I've had several consulting clients stressed out about relationships of all kinds, feeling at odds with the people in their life but also feeling unable to do much about it.

Mars is usually a very active, fast-moving planet. In Taurus Mars' usual speed is slowed down, and when in a square with Saturn it is further disrupted from taking action. Saturn is responsibility, duty, and commitment--calling us to sit with the tension and make sure that whatever we want to do within our sacred bonds is honorable, that it will not destroy sacred foundations.

The Sun waltzed into this aspect pattern a few days ago, adding a little spice to this tense situation. The Sun in their domicile has direct access to the sustained and fiery truth of the heart and desires. Yet, Saturn opposing the Sun demands that there is a balance between personal desires and the bigger commitments to others outside of ourselves. You may have the answer, but Saturn has been enforcing a major cool-down period before you decide to jump into Martian action.

Today should start to release some of that tension, with a big sigh of relief tomorrow when Mars leaves the tense t-square to begin it's slow trek into Gemini.
As Mars moves forward on the path the Moon is currently carving, they too will conjoin Alcyone, the brightest star in the cluster of the inspirational seven Pleiadian sisters, as well as sextile Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Aries. Allow surprising news to arrive on swift wings, inspiration finally opens up and pours a fresh bucket of ideas on your head, desire is clarified and you're cleared to move forward and take action, energy is freed up and thoughts are lightning fast.

The next steps you may feel called to take will suddenly become more flexible in the way they are implemented. We can fulfill our desires in countless unique and wonderful ways. The aspect between Mars, Venus, and Jupiter calls us back to a state of child-like play. Remember that the key to finding new solutions is in our imaginal realm.

Bring play back into your life and find the words and courage to clear the air with fiery compassion and integrity. Do something a little wild and let yourself be a kid again.

Sacred bonds can truly be renewed in this weekend's playful fire!

I hope you take advantage of this fiery-airy weekend, and join me for a magical workshop all about relationships and how to keep them thriving no matter what life throws at you!

Unbreakable Bonds: A Proven System of "Love Magic" that Cultivates More Passionate Relationships, Helps Heal Fractured Intimacy, and Builds Deeper Intimate Connections was co-written by my love Damien and myself to help others find an ethical and sustainable way to magically support relationships of all kinds!

Sunday, August 21 at 1 PM EST

  • 2+ hours of live workshop material
  • Live attendance is not required, access to recording is included
  • Edited transcript is included
  • Includes 3 proprietary protocols and guided meditations for healing, connecting, and deepening intimacy and peace

Enjoy this break from tense sky weather and I hope to see you there :)