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Resilient Earth and the Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse Axis

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The connection between Goddesses-turned-monsters, fixed star Algol, oracular priestesses, and the current ecological sickness of Earth.

Thinking of Uranus in Taurus & the November 19, 2022 eclipse on Algol 🌹🐍

Dr. Bernadette Brady syncretizes Algol (the head of Medusa) with primordial creatrix Mother Earth. Medusa has varying origin stories, but in the Hesiod she is the daughter of Phorcys the sea god, who was the son of Gaia. It always comes back to earth and water.

The Oracle of Delphi was originally a sacred oracular place of Titan primordial creatrix Gaia, guarded by the nameless female snake Python (Homeric hymns); Python (later changed to a male, and sometimes conflated with Typhon) is defeated by Apollo, and yet the Pythia (the Oracle of Delphi) was always a woman, and instead of being out in the sun to make her prognostications as one might expect from a solar oracle, she sat in a chamber over a crack in the earth where the waters of Pythos (ancient name for Delphi) would mix with volcanic gasses.

“Most linguists reveal an even more ancient etymology for Pytho[n]: the [snake’s] name derived from the root pyth-, which appears in the Greek verb pythano: to inquire, ascertain, understand.” -Norman Austin

Hydrothermal volcanic vents in the ocean spontaneously create the chemical building blocks of life, mixing water, earth, heat. Few creatures can survive those conditions, but eels (sea snakes to the ancients) thrive in these conditions.

Snakes are resilient, adaptive, responsive. Our earth is resilient, adaptive, responsive.

When Medusa’s head is cut off in her sleep by the cowardly Perseus, her blood is fecund and from it springs Pegasus. As Perseus carries Medusa’s head in his magical rucksack, her blood fertilizes (modern day) Libya and gifts them with snakes (wisdom, insight, cunning, balance).

In my mourning of the ongoing destruction of our precious planetary home, I am reminded that our beautiful snake-like earth is patient and strong. She will bide her time. She can weather so much and come back stronger. And eventually she will take us back into her womb, every last evidence of our existence subsumed into humous soil, molecules of life. That she has birthed a million children, both mammalian and reptilian and viridarium. And she will birth a million more.


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