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Let us walk together into your personal wild and weedy wood, interpret the hidden knowledge in your mythical lineage, and empower your life for deep creativity and connection to the world both human and more-than-human that is terrestrial and celestial.

Private containers to assist you in accepting your truest self, root deeper into your connection with the world both magical and mundane, and embody the mythical lines of your celestial heritage.

I offer a variety of special focus readings that incorporate traditional astrology (mostly of the Hellenistic technique), fixed stars (both by conjunctions and Egyptian/Babylonian parans), animistic mythology, tarot and oracle cards, and my years of private occult and magical practice.

Together we can celebrate your unique gifts and destiny, nagivate choppy waters, and bring you deeper into your most creative and connected life.

Here's the quick button to book your reading, if you already have a good idea of what works best for you:

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What You Can Expect

Helping You Connect to Both Sky and Earth

I take an interdisciplinary approach with my oracular methods that includes traditional astrological techniques, ancient Egyptian and Babylonian parans, Hellenistic timing techniques, a repository of spiritual/magical/witchcraft resources (my clients jokingly call me a living library), and my tarot and oracle cards are always at my side for divining time-sensitive answers.

During the reading I weave the technical training I have recieved in with my deep love of myth in connection with earth's cycles. When I sit with a client my goal is that they gain a sense of enchantment about their chart and how it deeply connects them to the world both mundane and magical.

After a session, clients walk away with key important dates, spiritual practices, magical prompts, mundane suggestions, and many references and tools to help you make the most out of what has been revealed.

As I’ve said previously, I do not believe in gurus. I am not the final oracular authority on your life’s path or what your spiritual praxis should look like. Instead, I aim to walk beside you as a companion, offering possibilities and feedback to help you sense the right choices in your gut and reveal the gifts and talents you may overlook in yourself.

It is common for those who book a reading to have synchronistic confirmations of signs that are already occurring in their lives, which helps give themselves permission to move forward on the next important journey in their life.

Whether mundane, spiritual, or creative, together we can help uplift and affirm your intuition!

You can read what clients have to say on my testimonials page.

Below are descriptions of the readings I offer at this time. If you already know about my services, here's the quick button to book your reading:

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Stars of Destiny

Guides and Guardians for Fulfilling Your Destiny 

Certain stars are more direct presences in our daily lives, helping us steer the helm of our life decisions to fulfill our destiny. They act as compass and guardian, constantly trying to keep us on the path of our life's destined journey. Together we'll deep dive into these stars in your specific natal (birth) chart and how you can best work with them for a fulfilling, purpose-filled, and adventurous life.

This reading is great for those who are completely new to fixed star astrology, as we will talk about the stars with the strongest ongoing influence in your life.

Fixed star astrology is the original astrology used by our ancient ancestors worldwide, far before planetary astrology developed. In the Neoplatonic schema of the spheres of divinity, fixed stars hold court even above the planets. The fixed stars lent their images to the conceptual zodiac, which is what defines the tools and agency of the planets as they move through time and space.

What does this mean in your life? We can look at fixed stars as having a broad, holistic affect on our lives. Often we are unknowingly living out a parallel to their myths, as their light reaches us through deep time.

All stars come with gifts, as well as challenges. The Stars of Destiny are the stars that have the strongest ongoing influence on your life--the ones that we should get to know intimately.

Stars of Destiny is a reading to help give you confirmation and/or alignment with the deep time wisdom of your most direct stellar-ancestors and guides. By the end of this reading you will find incredible synchronicity with your life, as well as understand the gifts and pitfalls that these stars bestow upon you.

We will also talk about how to begin a basic stellar devotional practice, suggested remediation (only as needed), and mundane ways to more deeply attune yourself to your stellar guardians.

If you've ever wondered what the overriding theme of your life is, this reading was made for you.

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Stellar Co-Creatrixes

Stars that Light Your Creative Spark

All of us are creative, because creativity, "is the application of thought, 'I wonder what would happen if…' onto the material world." Creativity is what allows us to go beyond merely surviving and actual thrive in our lives. Creativity is how we are meaning-makers and world changers. You were born with a stellar host that specifically guards, cultivates, and helps direct your creative spark. Together let's get to know them intimately so you can lean into their gifts.

Every star in the sky is endowed with particular creative gifts and impulses, not to mention a rich mythological and animistic background that we can draw from for our own practices.

Together we will look at the stars in your chart that are the guardians of your creative spark, learning more about their inherent natures and how we can lean into those sparks for greater creative-spiritual ecstasis that uplifts you in meaning and joy making.

You'll walk away with a stellar map to your creative zone, suggested practices to woo your stellar muses into co-creation with you, and possible magical enhancement for when you need to get into a creative flow.

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Heavy is the Crown

Stars of Eminence

In a natal chart, the parans and conjunctions with stars that tend to propose eminence are double-edged swords that also have a high potential of cutting the bearer as much as hitting their mark. As children of these stars it is vital to embody the wisdom of our stellar elders to overcome the challenges of a heavy crown and bear it with grace. Specifically for: Regulus, Aldebaran, Fomalhaut, Antares, Sirius, Betelgeuse, Spica, Alphecca, Deneb Adige, Deneb Algedi, and Altair in the natal chart.

Stars of eminence promise brilliance, esteem, and fortunes untold... But they also contain a darker side, when power and influence is not mastered and used properly.

Becoming a steward of power and influence is what these stars are ultimately teaching, and each has their own lessons to bestow.

In this reading we'll look at the stars in your chart that portent eminence, the planets translating their light, and the areas of life where this may show up.

Together we'll parse out, based on your experience in tandem with the myths and real-life examples of these stars:

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Modern Battle Stars

Stars of Strategy, Strength, Action, and Conviction

Living in the modern world when your chart is bestowed with Battle Stars can turn the heart of a warrior into one of hyper vigilance and lack of direction. This is a reading to reorient back into the heart of yourself through your celestial elders, where your deep sense of conviction is matched with an appropriate mission, where your need for adventure and discovery is given a particular aim, where your detective skills are honed with precision topical focus, and your need to act is given a powerful outlet.

Mission oriented, no-nonsense, and courageous--those with Battle Star heavy charts often struggle to live in the modern world. Bestowed with a thirst for adventure and discovery, a heart of steadfast conviction, a penetrating mind, the fire to act on what matters, and the mind of a master strategist--these are gifts that need cultivating.

The Battle Stars in a chart require a mission to fulfill, or the incredible focus and determination of these stars can instead develop into hyper vigilance, paranoia, or a destructive pursuit of stimulation (which can come in the form of getting involved with or causing unnecessary drama).

Together we'll parse out, based on your experience in tandem with the myths and real-life examples of these stars:

Do you have the heart of a warrior who needs guidance in focusing on the most spirit-aligned mission? Fortitude as you face trials in a wilderness? A companion to help you on the uncharted road of courage and conviction?

I would love to be the Merlin to your Arthur on the road to noble victory.

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Monsters and Mothers

Stars with Fierce Reputations and Raw Power

What does it mean when your chart contains a star with a monstrous mythology and reputation? How do you find healthy relationship and embodiment of such a polarizing influence? Having a chart full of monster and battle stars, I have walked the path of trouble shooting these very questions my entire life. Let's dig deep into the hidden gifts found in the challenges of the sky's most notorious celestial beings.

The fairy tale of the wicked step-mother, the dragon hoarding the treasure, the wily snake that leads someone astray, the Minotaur in the center of the maze...

Monster stars are plentiful in our night sky, featuring in a great many natal (birth) charts--especially of artists, innovators, healers, and rebels.

While monsters have been vilified for centuries, this is even more prevalent in today's overly sanitized world. A monster is representative of that which we oppress within and without, creating more problems in the process. But nature cannot be oppressed for long.

What makes something monstrous in myth is considered evolutionary--that which mutates, adapts, and moves forward. A total embodiment of throwing off the chains of the status-quo and expected, these stars catalyze change and much needed "uncivilized" catharsis necessary to stay a spiritually healthy person, and world.

These stars represent raw power, seduction, and the potential for either poison or medicine. With this raw power comes a great capacity for understanding and holding space for darkness. With seduction comes a sense of magnetism and the ability to create what one imagines. With the potential for poison one can be a destroyer, and the potential for medicine one can be a great healer; often someone must embody both.

Together we'll parse out, based on your experience in tandem with the myths and real-life examples of these stars:

Monsters and Mothers are primordially creative, endowing us with the energy of raw potential and a thirst to experience all extremes in life--both the light and the dark.

Beginning a relationship with these stars is imperative to learn how to ride the waves of these untameable stars in ways that are mundanely generative and spiritually empowering.

As someone who has many Monster stars in their chart, I'd love to walk beside you as we dive deep into these precious wild and weedy stars--and how they make you extraordinary.

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Filling the Creative Well

Recovering Your Creative Self With Resiliency, Joy, and Enchanted Ecstasis

Creativity is your birthright as a living being on this precious planet, but the demands of modern life have a habit of stealing our creative joy and energy. In this reading we will talk about your creative interests and habits, and look to various parts of your natal chart, solar return, profections, fixed stars, and transits to help you begin creative recovery and build resiliency around your creative practices.

Filling the Creative Well for Recovery, Resilience, and Joy is a reading designed specifically to reawaken and invigorate your natural creative impulse and help you take action on your creative life. Creativity has been essential to the survival of all species around the world–and there are countless ways to engage in it.

By engaging in creative play, we help restore our nervous systems, discover new and much-needed solutions, re-enchant our world, and make very powerful “mundane” magic in co-creation with time and space. Together we’ll chat about your existing creative interests and processes, and look at your birth chart and parans for a better understanding of what makes you creatively tick!

I’d love to chat with you about how to restore your creative drive and come back to a sense of creative-play that feels safe, nourishing, and rewarding.

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Finding Spiritual Home

Animistic and Celestial Pathmaking For Your Spiritual and Magical Journey

Do you seek clarity regarding your magical and spiritual practices? Our natal charts can give us clues to what will feel the most satisfying and nurture our souls. Together we'll explore your chart specifically with a focus on your spiritual path. This is tailored to your unique needs and desires, so will vary from person to person. May include alternative divination.

Finding Spiritual Home: Magical and Spiritual Path readings, is designed to feel as if we’re sitting together in front of a fire drinking some tea and chit chatting about your current spiritual or magical situation.

This reading is perfect for both those just starting in a spiritual or magical path, as well as seasoned practitioners.

For beginners, you are guided by a seasoned practitioner who has been through several iterations of spiritual and magical paths--I have an enormous library of resources to help nudge you in the right direction to begin.

For seasoned practitioners, I walk beside you in the tangly underbrush, asking questions that help you tune into your gut, and offering intuitive suggestions and divinatory confirmations to help you relocate to the path of your praxis.

You’ll be safely heard and witnessed in your spiritual vulnerability, and walk away with actionable prompts to help you choose the next steps best suited for you.

I’ll look at your birth chart, fixed stars, and if needed I’ll use tarot and oracle divination to pathmake for greater clarity and spiritual resolve.

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Balance and Joy

Magical and Mundane Remediation for Life's Gifts and Challenges

A Hellenistic reading where we assess your unique gifts and talents, as well as your challenges. We will discuss how to mundanely and magically make the best of your strengths and upcoming opportunities, as well as how to mitigate and balance your challenges. I will use whatever techniques make the most sense during the session. We will look at natal placements, fixed stars, and I may use other divination methods to confirm the remediation strategy we come up with together.

Balance and Joy: Remediation for Life’s Gifts and Challenges is a reading tuned to enhance inherent spiritual and magical gifts bestowed in one’s birth chart or parans, as well as turn challenges into well-tuned strengths.

This reading focuses on the natal chart and the various relationships and conversations the planets are having in the code of your celestial DNA.

As we chat about your life, we'll identify which planets need closer tending and relational effort in order to make the most of the gifts in your life, and become less prone to the challenges that you most experience.

Suggestions will include mundane remedial suggestions, as well as magical suggestions and bespoke materia that is selected particularly to enhance your chart and empower you to more easily overcome challenges.

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Mapping the Road Ahead

6 Month Forecast Reading Using Your Solar Return and Timing Techniques

Utilizing your natal chart, solar return chart (chart of your current birthday), profections (a Hellenistic timing technique), transits, heliacal phases, and parans, together we'll map out the next 6 months ahead for major themes, opportunities, and challenges. May include mundane and magical remediation notes, as well as alternative divination to confirm the strategy we create together.

Mapping the Road Ahead: 6 Month Forecast is a birds-eye-view of your upcoming year to identify key themes and transits that bring opportunities and challenges using your natal chart, solar return chart, profections, and star parans.

This reading is best selected on birthdays, the half-way mark between birthdays, at the new year, or when you are beginning a new endeavor that fundamentally changes your life (such as a career change, moving locations, getting married, etc.).

The reading always includes a personalized spreadsheet (for the astro-enthusiast), we'll talk about key dates, and go over basic remediation suggestions for your particular year.

No matter the upcoming path ahead, we’ll map out how to make the the best of it.

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