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Readings Are Open for November and December

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My books are open for the rest of November through December. Details on my reformatted fixed star readings, and a newly created booking page for greater clarity and ease.

Today I awoke to my favorite weather that has been longtime coming--what I call the season of fog here in Ireland. This is when the temperatures drop and for extended time during the day the land is covered in fog.

the pasture behind my house blanked in fog, with two bare hawthorn trees dancing into the visible plane
the pasture behind my house blanked in fog, with two bare hawthorn trees dancing into the visible plane

Do you know the difference between fog and mist? Visibility. You can see within 1000 meters if it is mist; if it is fog, you cannot see within 1000 meters.

To move from Scorpio (still water) to Sagittarius (mutable fire) in the colder season of the Northern hemisphere, makes me think fog is the Gods laughter upon our land, tickling our senses to notice this transition, and to feel it within ourselves, too.

The transition I felt inside of myself is reflected in my new booking format. If you'd like to skip the update and simply go book, click below:

If you recall, I retired my Siren Star Songs reading. Many of you have asked me why, as it was very popular. When I first began offering fixed star readings, fixed stars were relatively unknown. My goal was to replicate a birth chart reading, utilizing the fixed stars in parantellonta and helical phases.

This was a noble, but foolish goal.

In a parantellonta reading there are, on average, at least 20 placements to cover--often there are far more. There's also a considerable amount of explanation to help clients understand how the reading works, and give them context for what I was sharing.

Siren Star Songs, as it previously existed, was overwhelming for clients, overwhelming for me... and it prevented going deep into stars, which is what I believe my skillset is best suited for.

Over the last few months, I've completely revised the format of my fixed star readings, to address these many problems.

The new reading format allows us to go deep into a hand-selected set of stars, allows for more conversation and space for questions, as well as giving you the tools to step into meaningful apprenticeship to your stellar elders and embody their gifts.

I also receive many questions asking me which reading someone should choose--which points to a lack of clarity in my booking page. I've remedied this by creating a fully fleshed-out booking page that describes my process and what each reading is focused on specifically.

Outside of fixed star specific readings, I continue to offer the following:

(Which you can also read about on the newly formated booking page.)

As always, reading spaces are limited and available on a first-come basis.

I'm not entirely sure what my plans for January 2022 are right now, so if you'd like a reading I would book one before then.

I can't wait to walk beside you through the wild and weedy wooded spiritual path of your life.


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