This first Jupiter's day with Jupiter in Pisces has me reminiscing about the magic of the small villages throughout Croatia, the many estuaries where fresh and saltwater mix. How some mornings I woke up to swans, and other mornings dolphins fishing for breakfast. How I sat on pebble beaches looking at the beautiful jewels of the earth, letting tiny crabs crawl over my legs and tickle my ankles. These little watery embraces, slowly waking up my heart.

If mist or fog was not covering the many well-worn walking paths, then instead it was a shimmering haze from the rising Sun. Small parish churches dot the hills, each with a burial ground that offers the best view of the area, a gift to the ancestors. These are not places of sadness, but places of peace, connection, joy. Each small town we explored was deeply mystical, almost a pocket outside of normal time and space.

These places initiated a deep healing of my creative energy, my trust in the imaginal, my resolve to live the vision I had of a future filled with magic, beauty, and connection with the more-than-human.

At the time the South Node was in Pisces, a place for spiritual purging and deep renewal. This churned and fertilized the deep soil for the later blooming of Jupiter in Pisces.

I hope one day I can return and thank this otherworldly place for holding me through a necessary death, a purging of old poisons. I owe this land my life.