“The land persists and something in the human heart responds.” -Hal Borland

The dynamic between oceanic Venus in Pisces and seed-saving Full Moon in Virgo came to me in a walk through my local peat bog.

Pleasure and beauty arise from long term care and consideration. Our peat lands are not only beautiful and mysterious, but they are a nexus of life and death. They sequester loads of carbon and keep our planetary temperature in normal ranges, while also giving a home to hares, toads, frogs, and countless birds; the number of complex plants that exist in a peat bog is breathtaking.

The natural emergence of these strange and vital pockets of land are under threat from humans’ natural desire for safety and comfort. Peat is excellent for the garden or as fuel for a fire during the cold winter. But the cost of depleting this resource is an increasing rise in planetary temperatures, the destruction of vital habitat for our various non-human kin, and the annihilation of this haunting and beautiful boggy world.

I hope that as awareness grows about how imperative bogs are for climate stabilization, that we can temper our gnawing hunger for resources. There will be nothing but fire and ice if we keep destroying our natural carbon sinks. There will be nothing to eat if we destroy every ecosystem, soil, insect, and animal.

Balancing the need for preparation and material safety with the vital reciprocal connection to our other-than-human kin is what will give our world a fighting chance. Dream a little about harmony with the land, and then find one thing you can do today to help make that dream true. This is the marriage of dreamy Pisces with pragmatic Virgo: seeing how all is interconnected and where we can contribute within the web of life.

Enjoy the many faceted beauty of this glorious planet. She cradles us everyday, puts oxygen in our lungs, feeds us from her bounty, and much more. Give a little back 💜