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New Moon in Aries and Being a Warrior of the Heart

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The Moon in Aries is much like these precious flowers. By facing the challenge of expressing our emotions openly, diving headfirst into the bodily experience of being human, we find that we too grow to be hardy, authentic, and victorious.

Happy New Moon in Aries!

The past 2 days we've had snow here in Ireland, despite it being nearly the middle of April. And then the Sun emerges to melt the snow off, and the land seems to vibrate with an impossible hue of brilliant emerald green.

As mentioned in a prior post, daffodils are considered a plant of Mars, especially Mars in its spring home, Aries. This beautiful bloom emerges at the edges of spring, eager to be conquer the last vestiges of darkness and cold.

In fact, most bulb-based flowers such as daffodils, emerge in that liminal time between seasons after going through a process called stratification. Think of it as the Wim Hof method for plants.

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