I am not here to tell anyone what to believe in, or challenge people's personal practices/beliefs to prove something. I can facilitate you on the path, show alternatives, ask interesting questions. I want to empower YOU to fully embrace and love YOUR practice, whatever it is.

I want to awaken you to your birthright: relationship with the more-than-human both seen and unseen, an enchanted daily existence you are totally in-love and actively engaged with. That will look different for everyone.

At the core I am an animist. But the details of defining animism itself changes from culture to culture, practitioner to practitioner.

I try to stick to the overarching definition laid out by Graham Harvey that is inclusive and non-dogmatic, expansive rather than restrictive:

"Animists are people who recognize the world is full of persons, only some of whom are human, and that life is always lived in relationship to others. Animism is lived out in various ways that are all about learning to act respectfully (carefully and constructively) towards and among other persons. Persons are beings, rather than objects, who are animated and social towards others (even if they are not always sociable). Animism *may* involve learning how to recognize who is a person and what is not--because it is not always obvious and not all animists agree that everything that exists is alive or personal. However, animism is more accurately understood as being concerned with learning how to be a good person in respectful relationships to other persons."- Animism: Respecting the Living World by Graham Harvey

The more-than-human persons we connect with, will vary. And like all relationships there may be seasons of close relations, seasons of distant relations, and times when relations need to end. Relationships are messy and unpredictable, no matter who they're with.

My job is to simply hold your hand and navigate how to be in right relationship that feels respectful, reciprocal, and nurturing to both you and your more-than-human companions. I don't know everything, but I'm pretty good at being a bridge and problem solver when you're stuck.

I focus on providing classes that clarify your relationship to yourself, and classes that give you daily praxis that builds longterm connection w/the more-than-human.

Relationships cannot survive on peak moments alone. As Jack Kornfield says,

"After enlightenment, the laundry."

And my hope in doing this work is to set you up to move deeper and deeper into relationship in a way that works for YOU, regardless of what may be trendy. To find depth where you seek it the most.

I want you fully seated in your spiritual autonomy and power.  That means one day you'll no longer need me at all. And I welcome and want that! My practice is NOT your practice!

You do not need a mediator to have an ongoing relationship with more-than-human people, deities, stars, ancestors, the land.

You just need help getting started 💜