With the Moon Waning in fertile Pisces, copresent with Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune this is the time to find ways of defending and fortifying your green pals with teamwork.

It's an excellent time to prune and fertilize your companion plants that help each other grow. You can also sow companion seeds and/or transplant.

Houseplants, especially the tropical variety, will benefit from pruning and root trims, as well as repotting.

Shrubs, bushes, and trees can be shaped and fertilized. Take care not to over-water!

If you want to grow watery plants that prefer the under-story of forest canopies, including the great connectors, mushrooms, now is a time to start cultivating.

This is also the time to plant watery root plants such as carrots, potatoes, etc. Expect them to grow large and juicy!

Use your clippings in warding and defense magic for your family and home 💜 or simply compost them for later use.