Every hobby that I enjoy requires an immense amount of studying and hands-on practice (yes, I ask myself why I am like this every day of my life).

Astrology started as a hobby that I enjoyed, as did gardening and art. And while I haven't always appreciated it, as I age I become more grateful to have a fixed Mercury in their trickster psychopomp phase... Because it's helped me to not only persist (mostly out of stubbornness) but to also look deep into a variety of sources.

One thing I've learned about the act of learning is that sometimes it just takes a certain way of being taught to unlock a concept. And sometimes that specific way of teaching is only given to us at a particular part of our journey, simply because we otherwise would not understand or be open to it.

Taking art and gardening classes again as an adult drives this point home for me, again and again. I've watched so many classes on the concept of light and shadow, but it's never clicked very deeply until this year. I've read countless books and watched countless lectures... But the right ones didn't appear until NOW.

(Coincidence? I think not. In just a few weeks I enter a Solar annual profection. You could say the study of light is my destiny this year, in more ways than one.)

This is why I try to produce classes on fundamental occult and astrological concepts with a new twist.

I create the classes I wish I had been given, explained in ways that I would have grasped and remembered. If I needed it, then maybe someone else needs it too. If I can help someone else blossom, my mission has been accomplished.

Maybe it's overly ideal, but I hope I can be John Keating (from Dead Poet's Society) for at least one person before I die.

I want to reawaken you to how magical and interconnected this world, you, and your life truly are 💜