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Meaning and Structure, Jupiter and Saturn

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Jupiter and Saturn work together as a pair in this way... It's imperative that we cast a wider net of possibility for the world we are building--one that defines legacy by the effect we have on the community around us.

"... if you, like me, desire a life filled with breathtaking and inexplicable meaning..." - Daniel Deardorff

Jupiter will soon station from its backwards journey into the Underworld exploration of the meaning behind our structures.

I often tell my clients in our personal sessions that Saturn will build, regardless of whether it knows the big "why" behind what it is building. I know this, because I lived it for 11 years--building a life that had no big "Why" to inform that construction. The painful truth of my Saturn Return was demolishing the philosophical structure of my life to better align with the legacy I wish to leave.

Jupiter and Saturn work together as a pair in this way, demonstrated by their domiciles being sextile & exaltations square to one another.

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