Happy Mars' Day 🔥

Something I've been contemplating is how Mars is both the ruler of initiating movement (and therefore growth) as well as decay.

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere begins around the time the Sun enters the fire domicile of Mars, Aries. It's also considered the exaltation of the Sun, officially signaling the triumph of light over the darkness of winter. In classical mundane astrology, we use the Aries ingress chart to make predictions about the year ahead, rather than the January new year chart.

When the Sun enters Scorpio we enter fully into Autumn and the days become noticeably shorter. We have passed through the dog days of Summer into the transitional period of Autumn, and harvest is nearly over. Various plants finish their firework displays of seeding the Earth, and then everything begins to decay into the vital life-propagating mulch that creates rich soil for next year.

Not too long ago @icysedgwick did an episode on her Fabulous Folklore podcast about the ancient origins of Mars as a God, and they're rooted in agriculture. Which starts to make sense of why Mars takes his joy in the 6th House, the house of toil, which was connected to farming and agricultural occupations.

Even the beautiful process of decaying metal, rusting, is due to liquid and oxygen exposure of iron particles in steel and other metals/alloys. Iron is the metal of Mars, and iron-rich soil is most typically found in tropical areas bursting with plant life. From decay springs life.

How can we become more embracing of the process of initiation and corrosion? Can we make peace that endings are the rich compost for new beginnings?