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Flaming Gifts from the Land

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Walking the muted grounds of our bog, gorse sticks out like a flaming torch, reminding us of the regenerative powers of nature. Guarding the liminal boundaries between forest and wetlands...

Walking on this morning of Winter Solstice, I was delighted to see (and smell) gorse (from the pea family of plants) on the edge of the local bog.

Celts believed that gorse represented Sunlight, fire, resilience, optimism, fertility, love. The plant is covered in fierce thorns, but produces shockingly bright yellow flowers with an intoxicating sweet vanilla-coconut scent. This voracious plant chases the light, and is very difficult to get rid of once it's established roots.

A delightful representation of the days beginning to lengthen, the rebirth of the Oak King after the strength of the Holly King peaks and begins to wane.

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