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Everything in it's Time: #Locii21 Day 5

2 min

As we finish off Leo season with a second full Moon in Aquarius and roll into Virgo season, what orchids whisper to me as I walk and trash-pick the overlooked paradise of bog-lands: everything has its season. Everything has its time.

Welcome to the Sun's Day ☀️

#Locii21 Day 5, August 22 2021

Orchids are some of the most prized exotic flowers in the world; Ireland is home to a proliferation of wild orchids that grow in the various boggy, temperate, and seaside grasslands. Some of these species could stay underground as long as 15 years before finally emerging to flower.

In the last few years of increasing heat and milder Winters, our hillsides have been frequently illuminated through the warmer seasons with once rare sightings.

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