Something that was clarified for me over the last year, is what I want to talk about and represent with my work. I know many people would assume that tackling the subtleties of climate change through the lens of astrology would be my jam, but it is not.

I have many reasons for this, which I won't go into because that's not the point of this letter.

What I am most centered on is 3 things:

A) Helping people accept who they are at a deep level so they can show up better in relationship to the  world.

B) Helping people to see and connect with the wide category of more-than-human kin that surround them every single day, and the magical fullness and meaning they bring to life in these strange times.

C) Astrology that goes beyond intellectual ideas or temporary spiritual highs and is grounded in regular embodied practices that are gateways to co-creation with the more-than-human. Magic. Gardening. Craft. Finding the divine through the mundane.

We hear a lot about climate change around the clock. This flood of tragic over-information make us feel overwhelmed and helpless, freezes us and keeps us disconnected from our STILL LIVING WORLD waiting for our devoted attention & care.

The earth is not an idea. It's alive.

The way I see it, when people are inspired and moved by wonder and beauty, when they are given radical hope and joy, it has a much better outcome than continuing the deluge of sad and enraging news that pushes us to over-consume and escape.

We need people to engage.

It's much easier to entice someone to engage with wonder, beauty, joy, hope, than using fear, anger, hopelessness.

Creativity, the act of creating in some capacity, is one of the most ancient pathways to integrate and move through our grief.

And we LOVE creativity! Yet most people do not feel creative. So instead we bottle up our urge to create, because that's not "us", we're not "artists", we have "no talent"...

Instead we consume the creativity of others through books, movies, music, games, food, and more.

This continues the cycle of drowning in an ocean of helpless overwhelm, never discharging the built up energy inside our bodies... Our grief and fear is clanging inside, fueling addictions to social media, status chasing, buying things we barely touch, etc.

It needs engagement.

(By the way, I love books and movies and music too... This is not about these being "bad" so much as we mindlessly consume without having creative expression of our own, as a very poor coping mechanism to these unprecedented times.)

I found, for myself, that being creative was much less scary/painful when I had more-than-human companions at my side to support whatever rinkidink creations I began. It helped me grow closer to my more-than-human companions, the land, our Earth. It grounded me back in.

In short, it got me directly engaged, caring, doing something (even if it was small). It also had the benefit of causing me to accept and even like who I was and who I am becoming far more than anything else I had tried previously.

Since my Sun rules my MC and my 10h, whatever I do in this world comes from giving a chunk of myself. I am best of service when I take my experiences and inclinations, and share them with my clients and students in structured, instructive, encouraging, & hopeful ways.

You are an intensely magical & vital part of this magnificently magical world that is home.

Even through the struggles, Earth is still breathtaking and waiting for your returned embrace. You are deserving of that connection.

I hope my work shows you ways to safely start 💜