When we’re in healthy relation with the world both seen and unseen, our daily lives become infinitely more enchanted.

I’ve been working with the local land for a few years now, cleaning up trash, leaving offerings for land spirits, caring for the local wild animals by leaving out healthy snacks in safe places. As the opportunity arises, I try to show local neighbors the magic of this space we share with the more-than-human world, in hopes that it will make them care more for their local ecosystem.

Last night in my nocturnal prayers, I made a simple request to my guides.

You see, it’s frog and toad season here in Ireland. I’ve only seen them a handful of times when out on walks (often after asking my guides for signs). I asked if I could please see some frogs and toads up close and personal this year. 🐸

Just a few minutes ago my girlfriend walked in from running errands, and yelled for me to come to the door.


He held stock still for 15 minutes while I took his portrait, and even let me gently pet him 🥺😭😍😍😍

In the years we’ve lived in Ireland, this has NEVER ever happened.

I believe he was trying to hide from the murder of crows that’s adopted our family and made our house a base camp (not kidding, I have nests above my window and they tap to tell me they’re hungry).

My boyfriend and I went on a quest with this little common frog, and relocated him to a nearby phantom lot that is being reclaimed by the land. A place with lots of hiding spots and puddles 💜

This special moment of enchantment is a sign that the relationships I’m building are in a good place, and to keep doing the work. It’s not the most reality-shaking peak spiritual experience; it’s quiet and close to the heart.

When students ask me how to confirm that they’re on the right path, I remind them to pay attention to the little things. Ask your guides to give you a sign. If the mundane world around you begins to show its enchantment, you’re on the right track. Patience and opening your heart to pour out (and receive) love is the key 💜