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Eclipse of the Primordial Mother

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Learning to ride the creative impulse that is so wildly intense that often people with an Algol placement have an excess of energy that bleeds into seeking intense circumstances from which creativity can arise.

We enter the transition of the nodes this week, moving from Sagittarius and Gemini into Scorpio and Taurus. (We will have one final Sagittarius eclipse on December 5!)

This first eclipse occurs on the star Algol, the severed head of Medusa. Many have equated thus star to disaster and violence, but I want to encourage you to look deeper.

Before becoming the dreaded Gorgon (meaning: protectress) of Greek myth, slain in her sleep and used to shield the very goddess who turned her into a monster, this was a fertility goddess, a primordial creatrix.

Countless artists, actors, and writers have Algol as a major placement in their charts, showing the fecund creative possibilities that bloom with such an extreme star.

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