Daffodils are of the nature of Mars, according to Culpepper. Why? Because all parts are poisonous and they grow from a bulb that resembles an onion (which are under the domain of Mars).

How do we come to correspondences? First we must understand the classic nature of the planets, what their native attributes and qualities are. Then we must look to the nature of the plant. How does it grow? Where does it grow? What time of year? What medicine does it offer? What are some of itโ€™s unique qualities?

Now, match up the innate qualities of the plant with the nature of a planet, and you have a baseline for possible correspondence. I also like to talk with the planet and plant (using tarot cards or taking an entheogenic meditation), and see if they confirm your conclusions.

Itโ€™s rare that a plant is purely under the domain of one planet. As the Greek philosophers asserted, everything on earth passed through the spheres of the heaven to create their unique celestial makeup.

However, usually one planetary correspondence will REALLY stick out about a plant!

Yesterday my girlfriend brought me a bouquet of Irish daffodils. Three blooms were open, and the rest were shut quite tight. I cut off half an inch of the stems at an angle, and sunk them into ice cold water. This morning I misted them and placed them under the morning sunlight, and more than half opened in just over an hour ๐Ÿ˜

Flowers are magic, full stop ๐Ÿ’œ