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Creativity and Mercury in Virgo

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In the age of the Anthropocene we must be our own heroes and walk the labyrinth path to redemption--which requires playful guile. Mercury in Virgo demonstrates the medicine of flexible practicality to find solutions.

Mercury in Virgo is both highly adaptive and practical; this domicile of Mercury is best known for pragmatic problem solving. Most people may not see this as creative, but creativity is the core of problem solving and innovation! The fact is, creativity is vital to the survival of all species on Earth, and creativity only emerges from a place of flexible adaptation.

For us human animals, creative practice of any sort is vital to helping us build resilience and survive the changes of an otherwise inhospitable environment. While we'd like to think we've outwitted the natural world, we're still at the whims of our self-created climate change, not to mention our self-created political madness that is more about profit than it is about mutual care.

In times like these, creativity is desperately needed to find ways to cope and adapt to the circumstances around us. We must be our own heroes and walk our own labyrinth path to redemption in the age of the Anthropocene--which requires playful guile.

The Human Mind is at Odds with Itself

On the one hand we seek predictable stability, especially to help with maximizing efficiency. For example, once you have learned the fine motor skills to drive it becomes second nature so that you can contemplate other things without having to concentrate as hard on when to tap the brakes, use your turn signal, etc. (to various degrees of safety and effectiveness). This is also true of all other parts of our lives--we want stable housing, stable income, stable relationships, stable social standing.

But we also crave the excitement and stimulation of novelty--the discovery and experience of something new gives us a chemical cocktail that rivals the best drug high. Yet, in order to experience novelty we must leave the comfort of what is predictable and stable to seek out something that is not guaranteed or safe.

Creativity is not just life-giving but also destructive. To make a drawing you must "destroy" the perfect white of the paper (and damage the surface with marks and erasure). We take one material and change it into something else.

We disrupt stability in order to *maybe* accomplish a vision or solve a problem. There are no guarantees when you enact mutation. Yet, mutation is what has allowed any living species today to continue adjusting to an ever-changing world.

Life itself is a constant process of relational change--a complex web of constantly moving and adjusting interconnections between various elemental peoples.

The Medicine of Mercury in Virgo

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