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Carefree is not the same as Careless

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To think in terms of communing both with the human and more-than-human world, is of vital importance as we step into the future.

Welcome to Jupiter's Day⚡✨⚡

Something to chew on:

"A virtuoso musician still needs to practice scales every day. Moments of total luck do happen, but it isn't wise to count on them. Carefree is not the same as careless." -Tom Hoffman

Ooh that last line... Carefree is not the same as careless. Let that reverberate in your chest.

Are you careFREE or careLESS in your relations? Jupiter in Aquarius continues to point out that our seeming" independent" decisions affect more than ourselves, and that toxic hyper individuality is the root of much of our disconnect and destruction in the world.

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