Welcome to Mercury's day, as the psychopomp-trickster is slowly making his way from out of the Underworld, in a trine to a retrograde Saturn, keeper at the gates of the Underworld and steward of time itself.

This is an excellent day to tend to your dead and ancestors, chthonic and land spirits, ghosts and any adjacent spirits or Underworld deities.

In our very Cancer-heavy household of necromancers, we put out coffee offerings to our ancestors, beloved dead, local land spirits and chthonic ones, household spirits, and the ghosts that we steward. It's a simple ritual of care that keeps us connected with our more-than-human kin.

Since we began these simple rituals, followed by prayers, mantras, or katas (depending on the spirit), we have felt a deeper sense of connection to where we live, problems with our neighbors have resolved themselves, and peace and joy has become more and more normal in our very homebody lives.

I like to end the time with my more-than-human companions with a conversation via tarot deck. I ask questions of my companions and pull cards for their answers, recording them in a journal. It's wild how much they share, caution, advise.

If you long for a hall of elders, they are all around you 💜 call on your kindly ones.