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Beyond the Stereotype of Cancer and Into the Deep

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Welcome to Cancer Season--let's demystify this pigeon-holed zodiacal sign!

Welcome to Cancer Season--let's demystify this pigeon-holed sign!

Cancer is the tireless container holding emotional space for the world around it. Deep intuition is the domain of the Moon, and the body is a tuning fork. Cancer is witchy in the way witches emerged: acting on immediacy, using what's local and regional, practicing craft as care.

To handle someone else's emotional expression takes enormous strength. Keeping secrets is mental and emotional weightlifting. Being vulnerable requires incredible courage. Choosing to care in an ambivalent world is rebellious and revolutionary.

Creativity comes from the wells of our bellies, the flutter in the chest, the tides of the heart and the motion of emotion coursing through muscle fibers. Initiating birth is to say my sovereignty only matters if I can also have connection and contribute to my community.

As a container, Cancer seeks to stay fortified with creature comforts because it understands the vitality of being grounded, that you only have one vessel & you need to nurture it, if you're to hold the world in an embrace. They understand our bodies + minds + hearts are one whole.

Cancer won't let you see them cry unless they know you'll hold them the way they hold you when you cry. They never forget because the body holds the score. Expression is vital for the human ecosystem to remain healthy. Crying is a method of cathartic purging & rebalance.

Rather than bottling pain, disappointment, sorrow, Cancer makes a shell of a safe space and opens the floodgates. A deep cathartic cry releases endorphins that process the emotional pain the body holds onto. Cancer let's that tide run its course to reach bliss & calm again.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, and also a receptive nocturnal sign. How does one both initiate & be a receptical? How does the ocean kiss and carve the shore? Cancer works first as a fulcrum, initiating creation based on someone or something they care deeply about & wish to nurture.

hey need the spur of caring inspiration for ideas to blossom and gain momentum. But once the momentum has started, it's like water running downhill. Cancer will pour themselves into their work, because they choose work they care a whole lot about. This is courageous.#

Attaching ambitions to one's heart is dangerous. People are disappointing, unexpected things constantly happen. Cancer braves possible heartbreak because it knows that at the end of life they'd rather fail at something they care about than succeed at something they feel nothing for.

If there's an emergency, Cancer snaps into battle mode. Most people never talk about this side of Cancer. If they love you, they'll fight for you and stand between you and your foes. Safety is a top priority to Cancer, both bodily, mentally, and emotionally.

When the Moon wages war it will either deplete or drown their foe. Drying up is one method of starving out an oppressor. Flooding is a method of overwhelm. There's a reason that martial arts constantly refer to being like water. It may take time, but water will win.

I hope this gives everyone a deeper view of a sign that is chronically over simplified and turned into a cliche. There's deep strength from this watery cardinal sign, and without the Moon our world would descend into utter chaos. Cancer is more than food, crying, naps. So much more.


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