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Amaya Rourke

Twitter Website Sligo, Ireland

Founder of Empress Craft. Animist, artist, ritualist, gardener, ancient fixed star and lunar astrologer, tarot reader, writer, and teacher. American now living in Ireland with her rescue dog Apollo.

a photograph of fluffy clouds with bright cerulean blue sky peaking out

SaturnVox Podcast: The Liminal Cauldron of Creative Magic

A photograph of a dark path in the woods leading to a intense white fog that glows

Endings Are Doorways

the milky way reflected in a glacier lake situated in high altitude mountains

Readings Are Open for November and December

The spiky thistle is the legendary plant of defense and protection in Scottish lore.

Standing Up For What's Right Naturally Opposes Something

a foggy shore line strewn with dark rocks and misty ocean water

The Menkar Eclipse Guide

tiny white wildflower against an out of focus green grassy backdrop

You and Your Life Are Enough

bright red-orange wild poppy

Diving Deep into the Origins of Myth and Culture

a starmap for the Greenwich timezone

Stellar Curiosity

A watercolor paint palette with dried red, green, and blue paint on the surface.

Mastering Your Craft: Becoming Friends with Saturn and Necessity

Watercolor painting of the morning sun rising over a pond and silhouetting the trees

Sacred Bonds Renewed With Playful Fire

Fireweed standing tall in a birch forest in Ireland.

An Artful Send-Off to Mars in Taurus

A view across a green field with hawthorn trees and a fir forest, several blue and grey clouds overhead.

Creativity and Mercury in Virgo

Summer Solstice and Beginning of Cancer Season, 2022

Summer Solstice and Beginning of Cancer Season, 2022

The Gaian Lineage of Medusa, Creature of the Deep

The Gaian Lineage of Medusa, Creature of the Deep

What is a Variable Star?

What is a Variable Star?

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