A very Irish morning on this Full Moon. Buildings covered in wildflower ivy and accompanied by fairy bushes of fuchsia; a man driving a trailer full of big horn sheep through the city center; the last of the sunflowers as we officially approach the turning of the seasons.

The Sun in Virgo's echoing refrain to attend to necessity, the Moon in Pisces reminding us to continue connecting with the magic that surrounds us. All the planets slowing their pace to change direction, as if timed by the seasonal transition.

Being meticulous can apply to more than tasks. You can be meticulous in finding the beauty around you. You can be meticulous in noticing the subtle changes in your body when you're filled with emotion. You can be meticulous in your approach to celebration, to rest, to connection.

Lay out offerings for your beloved dead, your beloved land spirits, to celebrate the cycle of your green ones. Jump in whatever cooling local water is available to you. Give thanks and thanks and thanks.

Listen closely.