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Astro-Magical Gardening: A Triage Case Study

7 min

Using concepts of astro-magical garden timing techniques to bring my protective plant-ally, Matilda, back from an aphid infestation.

Celestial occult herbalism is a mainstay of my spiritual and magical praxis, one that connects and grounds me back into the earth, the very dirt made from the bones of countless ancestors both human and more-than-human.

Hellebores were my first and continue to be my ever-present plant familiars. Which is mighty handy, considering they are considered under the guidance and nature of fixed star Algol–the dreaded severed head of Medusa (whose name means Protectress). She is a primordial and feral protective mother, a celestial entity that embodies the vital cycles of life and death, creation and destruction. I have a close relationship with Algol, as I have both an angular exact conjunction as well as several parans with the star.

As I am a celestial and necromantic folk witch, much of my work deals with the dead or soon-to-be-dead. It’s no coincidence that these beautiful flowers have come to be my constant companions, as they provide protection while I do this vital work that exists in the liminal space between the human and more-than-human, the living and the dead.

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been providing magical support and care for several clients whose family members are transitioning into the Otherworld. I’ve also been casting protection and safety nets for my beloveds in Ukraine.

In the process of this work, my familiar Matilda, a gorgeous Hellebore that lives above where I sleep, was besieged by aphids. There’s no logical way this could have happened, as she has not had contact with the outdoors. I’ve also been very slowly recovering from an injury that has prevented me from any regular galavanting into the weedy wild around my home. Also, did I mention that it snowed last week?

The Prognosis

As I contemplated what may be happening, I realized it was likely I was under spiritual attack. Sounds kookie, I’m sure. But this is not the first time that a plant familiar has absorbed spiritual and/or magical attacks for me (two of them directly confirmed by the attackers), and the current timing lined up with the magical work that I’m presently doing.

(If you feel you are under spiritual attack, or you wish to preemptively prevent psychic, spiritual, or magical attacks--my partner and I created a self-paced and affordable workshop all about this! That includes a divination spread for confirming whether you are under attack or not.)

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