Happy Saturn's Day ✨

Today Venus applies to conjoin fixed star Alcyone, the brightest star in the cluster of the Pleiades situated at 0° Gemini. These stars are known in astrological magic for aiding in communication with the dead and spirits.

This is divine cosmic timing ✨

The ruler of Gemini, Mercury the sacred psychopomp, is preparing to begin his retrograde underworld descent while trine the original keeper of the Entrance of the Underworld, Saturn (currently occupying Aquarius) .

All this air energy makes spirit communication and work a priority.

Tend to your ancestors, give offerings to the land (considered chthonic), scry and communicate with your spirit allies. Write devotional poetry and song--your own set of Orphic Hymns. Learn about the rites of the dead and the land. Take a patch of your yard and create a "devil's acre" that is allowed to grow wild and feed our psychopomp friends the bees.

Remembering and creating from remembrance is a prime Venusian act when she travels with the 7 sisters through the realms.