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An Invitation to the Underworld, Flanked by 7 Special Guides

2 min

Will you take this invitation to dance into your underworld and claim the torch of clarity for your own life?

Mercury Cazimi is a refining fire that burns away the detritus from Mercury's sojourn into the dark underworld and relights the torch of clarity.

It's common to get swept up in the inertia of our lives, and forget that we have gifts that were bestowed upon us for a reason. We neglect those gifts and forget to continue cultivating them, as the detritus of daily life begins to pile up.

Then one day we wake up in a crisis. Life is empty. Life lacks meaning. Life lacks joy. Where has the time gone?

This is our underworld journey, if we're willing to accept the invitation.

And even more beautiful is that we do not have to search alone. This Cazimi occurs on Alcyone, the brightest of the friendly and creative 7 Pleiadian Sisters.

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