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An Astrology Chart is a Divinatory Ecosystem

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To gain true cosmic oracular vision requires we treat astrology as living, breathing, capable of a dialogue with us.

Welcome to Mercury's day as the trickster psychopomp is within orb to conjoin the ecliptic degrees for the fixed stars that make up the eyes of the divine sea-goat constellation, Capricorn.

In my Venus RX workshop with @ddamascenaa we dove into the mythic origins of this constellation as Babylonian God EA, God of Water.

They called him the form-giving (creation) God and the bearer of culture, God of wisdom, craftsmanship, ritual purification, and magic. This is very different to our ideas of Capricorn or Saturn today, and even more different is that EA was said to be a friend of humanity who helped us rebuild civilization in 6 different epochs.

I imagine that to be as magnanimous and emotionally equanimous came from having the deep-time sight, patience, and relationality of oracular cosmic vision.

As God of the primeval deep, EA understood everything was in relation to one another, started together in the dark void and made into substance by passing through the spheres.

A discussion I've repeatedly had over the last few weeks is how astrology is still a form of divination. When we draw up a chart, we are essentially creating a bird's eye-view of our universe at that moment, and looking at the relationship between the planets. An astrology chart is essentially (often literally!) an ecosystem. When we pull out only one part of the ecosystem without consideration of the other parts, we tend to disrupt the divine message being laid before us.

Astrology is no different than reading the bones, laying out cards, interpreting clouds or birds or dice.

Meaning is derived from the relationship between each agent of the divine (just as color and light is more a matter of relationship than it is a static monolith).

This is especially true when we look at the houses. The reason pop astrology often misses the mark is that the houses are inherently relational, not monolithic. Take one house out of the chart and the whole structure falls apart. They interact with one another to create deeper, more specific, more nuanced meaning for our readings.

To gain true cosmic oracular vision requires we treat astrology as living, breathing, capable of a dialogue with us.


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