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#Locii21 Land Spirit Challenge

2 min

As much as we'd like to think us humans are separate from the wild, we are far more bound and dependent on the natural world than it is on us. But this is what happens when we stop communing with our land as a sovereign person.

"Grief is like a stream running through our life, and it’s important to understand that it doesn’t go away. Our grief lasts a lifetime, but our relationship to it changes. Moving on is the period in which the knot of your grief is untied. It’s the time of renewal." —Martha Beck

I've been thinking about how anger and grief are often bedfellows. How our sadness turns into anger--our bodies looking for something to DO with the pain that comes when our values are violated. How Mars and Venus act together--Venus pointing to our social values, and Mars taking cues from when they are or are not fulfilled.

Everyday I fight with righteous anger as our precious so-much-more-than-human world is destroyed carelessly.

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