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Empress Craft

Helping you build resilience and living joy through creative recovery and ritual practice in connection with ecological, cosmic, and mythic cycles.

Diving Deep into the Origins of Myth and Culture

Myths are the language of where the Earth meets the Sky, and how we exist in-between as the making of culture. There has never been a more urgent time for us to deep-dive into the myths of our age and understand the hidden-in-plain-sight knowledge that they can help us embody as wisdom.

Stellar Curiosity

In my practice I am often asked the question, "Which is more potent in a chart, fixed star conjunctions or parans?" To understand my answer, it's important to dig a little bit into the philosophy underlying interpretation.

Mastering Your Craft: Becoming Friends with Saturn and Necessity

Introducing a new weekly series answering questions about the business of being a spiritual creative. Today: Befriending Saturn and Necessity.

Sacred Bonds Renewed With Playful Fire

his weekend should feel like a breath of fresh air. The Moon crosses over into Gemini to herald Mars, who will finally leave Taurus and enter Gemini tomorrow. Remember that the key to finding new solutions is in our imaginal realm.

An Artful Send-Off to Mars in Taurus

The last several weeks Mars has ambled through the sign of Taurus, and in a few days it will move into Gemini. Let us send off Mars with a creative contemplation of the gifts Taurus bestows on them.

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