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Empress Craft

Helping you build resilience and living joy through creative recovery and ritual practice in connection with ecological, cosmic, and mythic cycles.

An Artful Send-Off to Mars in Taurus

The last several weeks Mars has ambled through the sign of Taurus, and in a few days it will move into Gemini. Let us send off Mars with a creative contemplation of the gifts Taurus bestows on them.

Creativity and Mercury in Virgo

In the age of the Anthropocene we must be our own heroes and walk the labyrinth path to redemption--which requires playful guile. Mercury in Virgo demonstrates the medicine of flexible practicality to find solutions.

Summer Solstice and Beginning of Cancer Season, 2022

Looking to the constellation and stars of Cancer that informed the quality of the Zodiac sign, as the Sun moves into Tropical Zodiacal Cancer and the Summer Solstice occurs.

The Gaian Lineage of Medusa, Creature of the Deep

Looking at the hidden symbolism of the Medusa-Perseus myth. Medusa is a primordial deity of the deep, and this is alluded to in her mythological Greek lineage.

What is a Variable Star?

Algol was the earliest documented variable star, noted by the Egyptians who assigned lucky and unlucky days based on it's change in brightness.

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